Sunday, October 26, 2008

it came from the sky II

after the balloon flew away we went to check out a fire that looked like it was right by my school. when i got there i noticed i forgot to put the memory card back in the camera! when we were leaving we saw the hot air balloon land in a neighborhood next to my school. we went to go see and there was a huge crowd around where they landed, which was in the middle of the street. after a while they were letting people on. so me, amber, brennon, Jayson,and warren got to ride on it. what a terrible time to forget to put the memory card back.

it came from the sky

it was a sunny and peaceful Sunday when a loud ear piercing sound broke the silence. thinking it was the food processor i ignored it. it came again, again i ignored it. then it happened again and my sister, Amber called for me. i ran to the room as fast as i could only to see a huge colorful blob hovering in the air. i ran down stairs, grabbed the camera and burs outside. a group of neighbors were already there. i quickly took a picture of the monster. the neighbors said it almost hit our house.

yes the monster was a hot air balloon. what a weird day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i got a sweet new speaker system

while going to gurage sales with my mom i found a cool speaker system with a really nice sub woofer thing. ive been looking at speakers with sub woofer things at target and they are soooooo much better than without it. supper sub woofer thing the speakers that came with it did not work so i got cheap target speakers. they work just fine

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a vid of me zooming out from my home world in spore to show the galixy


lately ive been playing a really cool new game called the game you start as a single celled organism and you evolve them in to creatures

eventualy your creature becomes smart enough to form in to a tribe and eventualy a civilazation.after you take over your world you can go out into the galixy, wich is huge. these are the scoler systems aroud my planet
if you zoom out it looks like this. all he solar systems in the previous pic are now too litle to see. there are thousands of solar systems each with any number of planets.

a cool thing about the game is tha everything is cosomizuble from the vehicles you creatures use to the planets in the solar system. even cooler than that is that the game loads other peoples creatures,vehicles,buildins, and ect. to populate the galixy so you never know what you will find.