Saturday, July 26, 2008

warren is a little vampire

polaroid camera adventure

right when i first got my camera i really wanted to take pictures with it. at first i thought about film but that would be too much work. then i thought maby i can put the new type of Polaroid film in it. i looked it up online and measured the inside of my camera and it would fit but very tight fit. so whenever we went places i looked for some Polaroid film. but i cant find it anywhere. it turns out Polaroid does not make any film any more so hardly any stores have them. then wile i was in target the other day i spotted a small cubby hole thing with film and Polaroid film in it. i was very happy till i saw the $16 price above it. but the next day my really nice mommy bought me a packet in exchange for various tasks she wants me to do. so i went home and put it in and it worked!!! i just need to find a better way to roll the chemicals on to develop it because it did not make it all the way

ill put more pics of my pics when i take them

Sunday, July 20, 2008

just got back from camping..well i did yesterday

i was camping all week. i would have taken more pics but my camera ran out of batterys the first day. we went repelling shooting and boating. we did a lake activity and made our own paddles .here is mine.
while i was i got really sun burnt. especialy on my nose one kid said it looks like i have nose cancer. maby ill put a pic of it on later.

Monday, July 14, 2008

julies b-day

there was great food and great cake

homemade ice cream too

Thursday, July 10, 2008

baby skills

today i used by baby skills it make both the cute babys go to sleep. unfortunately they only stayed asleep for like 45 minutes

home made bread, a chunk of heaven that can later be cut into litle slices of heaven

today mon made home made bread. one regular loaf and 4 litle cute ones i cant wait taste them

10 cents of grape goodness

today we went to walmart and i got 2 packets of grape Great Value brand koolaid or "drink mix". they were 10 cents each and there was no tax! yay!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

last night i fal asleep with both of the babies. i only woke up with one.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

christmas in july

today i went to a gift exchange at church and this is what i got. it moos

Monday, July 7, 2008

todays adventure

today we drove out of state to see this beautiful abandoned railroad. from the road we hiked hiked for three hours through thick, dark forest with both the babies! the path was narrow and the bugs were horrible........

ok we just went to Costco nothing great.

warren and garren loved it
the great samples today were cheese...
and ice cream. all the rest were nasty
warren liked the ice creamand the spoonand he made me go to the trash so he could trow away the container and the spoon. he's no litterbugmom bought weat for home made stuff yum!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

poleroid camera

we were garage sale shopping on Saturday in Utah when we saw a sale at this beautiful house. i did not really See anything i thought i would want bu i loved the house so i came out to look and then i saw this .........
a 1950's Polaroid model 80b land camera with a hole bunch of stuff included. i instantly knew i wanted it but i did not know how much stuff was with it. so i got it for $5. when we got in the car i opened up the case and looked at everything.
i already liked it just like this and then i found out it opened up accordion style and i liked it even more!

it came with a bunch of old papers and booklets. i read them all on the way home from Utah
it came with a special lens for outdoor daytime photosit came with a flashand a attachment for the flashthis is probably the coolest thing the camera came with. its a meter that tells you how much light there is and what to set the camera to for that light
over all i am very pleased with my new camera . i wish they still made film for it.