Sunday, July 6, 2008

poleroid camera

we were garage sale shopping on Saturday in Utah when we saw a sale at this beautiful house. i did not really See anything i thought i would want bu i loved the house so i came out to look and then i saw this .........
a 1950's Polaroid model 80b land camera with a hole bunch of stuff included. i instantly knew i wanted it but i did not know how much stuff was with it. so i got it for $5. when we got in the car i opened up the case and looked at everything.
i already liked it just like this and then i found out it opened up accordion style and i liked it even more!

it came with a bunch of old papers and booklets. i read them all on the way home from Utah
it came with a special lens for outdoor daytime photosit came with a flashand a attachment for the flashthis is probably the coolest thing the camera came with. its a meter that tells you how much light there is and what to set the camera to for that light
over all i am very pleased with my new camera . i wish they still made film for it.

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Parker said...

This camera is so cool. A treasure for sure. I love the house too. I think it would look really nice on a bookshelf. It is sad that you can't find film for it.