Saturday, July 26, 2008

polaroid camera adventure

right when i first got my camera i really wanted to take pictures with it. at first i thought about film but that would be too much work. then i thought maby i can put the new type of Polaroid film in it. i looked it up online and measured the inside of my camera and it would fit but very tight fit. so whenever we went places i looked for some Polaroid film. but i cant find it anywhere. it turns out Polaroid does not make any film any more so hardly any stores have them. then wile i was in target the other day i spotted a small cubby hole thing with film and Polaroid film in it. i was very happy till i saw the $16 price above it. but the next day my really nice mommy bought me a packet in exchange for various tasks she wants me to do. so i went home and put it in and it worked!!! i just need to find a better way to roll the chemicals on to develop it because it did not make it all the way

ill put more pics of my pics when i take them

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